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Pacific Lagoon Apartments

Self contained 2 bedroom units. Great Location Right on Beautiful Erakor Lagoon. Pool,Free use of Kayaks,Free BBQ,Free WIFI, Satelite TV, DVD Library. Lush Tropical Gardens.Snorkelling at your Doorstep. AIR CONDITIONED
Pacific Lagoon Apartments
Pacific Lagoon Apartments
We promise to keep the tropical paradise of Vanuatu beautiful and untouched until you can visit again. 🌟 #flyairvanuatu
Pacific Lagoon Apartments
Pacific Lagoon Apartments

There are now major concerns for the Vanuatu region as Tropical Cyclone Harold reaches Category 5 strength on approach to the region. Atmospheric and oceanic conditions remain extremely favourable with the system moving very slowly - this is allowing it to intensify further at a steady rate and has lead to the Fiji Metservice labelling Harold as a Category 5 system at 6am this morning.

All models are in agreement that Harold is expected to take a more Southerly track today before veering back towards the East South East with an expected landfall over the Island of Malakula specifically (at this time) during Monday as a Category 5 strength system. The system is then expected to continue moving East to South East where it will weaken slightly back to a still dangerous Category 4 strength system as it moves East of the region during Tuesday and beyond.

* Significant impacts are LIKELY over the Malakula, Epi, Pentecost, Aoba, Maewo, Espiritu Santo Islands in particular across Vanuatu with major impacts possible across Efate (Port Vila), Shepherds Islands & Banks Islands as well as possibly Erromango.
* This will be a LIFE THREATENING situation for areas closest to the core of the system
* VERY DESTRUCTIVE winds in excess off 250km/h are LIKELY near the core of the system. The system is expected to remain quite small which will narrow the wind field, but damaging to destructive winds are still expected across all of those individual islands listed above
* These DESTRUCTIVE to VERY DESTRUCTIVE winds are LIKELY to cause expansive power outages, bring down countless trees which will block roads. They are also LIKELY to cause SIGNIFICANT damage to well built homes and could completely DESTROY poorly maintained structures.
* TORRENTIAL rainfall in the vicinity of 250-500mm is LIEKLY over the next few days across Vanuatu leading to widespread FLOODING including RAPID flash flooding and mudslides which may not only cut off communities but if some communities are in the wrong areas (downhill from torrential rain / along creek beds), this could lead to water running straight through them.
* Communications are LIKELY to be cut across the region and this could last several weeks depending on the response time.

Our thoughts, prayers and concerns go out to those across the Vanuatu region. These next 48-72 hours are expected to be very traumatic and very difficult. We hope that everyone is safe during this time and that a speedy recovery takes place.

Pacific Lagoon Apartments
Pacific Lagoon Apartments
Stay safe. Our beautiful Islands will be waiting for you.
#vanuatumoments 🇻🇺
Pacific Lagoon Apartments
Pacific Lagoon Apartments
Voyage au Vanuatu !

" Mettez le son " Merci 🙂

C'est bon, enfin je vous enmène un court instant au coeur même des îles du Vanuatu en passant par Ambrym, Gaua, Maewo, Malekolo et Tanna.

Des îles encore peu connues des touristes et qui pourtant méritent le détour.
C'est avec l'organisation de l'office de tourisme du Vanuatu que nous avons pu produire ces images pendant 17 jours. Nous avons travaillé en binome pour les prises vidéos avec Cedric JB Films. Sans oublier Pauline Massé Photos qui à pris toutes les belles photos que vous avez déjà vues.

Ce pays nous aura tous marqués par l'énergie qu'il dégage. Sa population nous à séduite. Leurs sourires sincères et leur sens de l'acceuil nous ont réchauffé le coeur tout au long de notre aventure qui fut particulièrement pluvieuse.
L'expérience que nous avons vécue la bas à été l'une des plus fortes et l'une des plus authentiques de nos voyages.

Je remercie l'équipe Australienne Ben Savage, Ain Raadik et Ruby Claire avec qui nous avons partagé ce voyage et qui ont collaboré avec nous dans la joie et la bonne humeur.

Cette aventure merveilleuse n'a pas été tous les jours facile. En effet, la pluie a sacrément perturbé nos plans... Ca été un vrai défi pour nous de réussir à capturer les images que nous voulions, mais nous sommes heureux des prises et de notre première collaboration avec Cedric JB Films .
Je vous invite d'ailleurs à aller voir juste après, sa version vidéo de notre voyage qui va vous couper le souffle !

Merci Ă  vous !
Pacific Lagoon Apartments
Pacific Lagoon Apartments

Our latest travel film "DEAR NEIGHBOUR" takes you on a personal journey through Vanuatu's most remote Islands & tribes in a trip organised by Vanuatu Tourism.

Vanuatu had everything we could wish for: beautiful & welcoming locals, stunning & diverse landscapes, amazing adventures and an abundance of emotions. This made for some unique experiences and unforgettable moments, that will forever be cherished and remembered as memories.

Of course, this project was made possible by a number of people:
Cinematography: CĂ©dric Jean-Baptiste | Antoine Roulleau Films
Editing: Cedric JB Films
Featuring: Pauline Massé | Seb Vanuatu | Ruby Claire | Antoine Rll | Ben Savage | Ain Raadik | Cédric Jean-Baptiste
Special thanks to Vanuatu Tourism & the team, all the villages that welcomed us and Agence Tup for getting the project started!
Islands featuring in this film: Malakula, Maewo, Ambrym, Santo & Gaua